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Top 10 Immigration Law Firms in Europe – 2022

Europe has been an attractive destination for well-skilled workers and students from across the globe. Over the years, the immigration laws in the region have evolved to entail the most rigorous procedures to uphold safety while also allowing immigrants to strengthen the economy. According to the most recent statistics sourced from the European Commission, about 2.25 million first residence permits were issued in the EU in 2020. And 1.92 million individuals immigrated to the EU.

With the exponential rise in immigration over the years, several organizations are building tools addressing specific roadblocks in immigration law. Utilizing data from previous cases, softwares powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning predicts the approval of applications. Several firms provide personalized legal services to assist organizations looking to hire highly qualified employees and C-suite executives from other countries that match their organizational goals and work culture.

In this edition of Manage HR Europe, we present the list of the Top 10 Immigration Law Firms in Europe . LCA is a prominent legal firm offering immigration legal services to corporates and individuals seeking to employ and be employed in Europe. We also bring to you thought leadership articles and exclusive insights from expert CXOs - Mirela Vasile, HR Director, People Enablement

Digitisation, Synamedia; Carolina Fuentes, Director of Training & Development, AJM Packaging, presenting their views and opinions on how organizations can incorporate advancements in immigration law. We hope the valuable insights from industry thought leaders featured in this edition help you make informed decisions for your organization.

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    Top Immigration Law Firms in Europe

  • LCA


    LCA is a full-service law firm assisting corporates and private clients in navigating the Italian immigration bureaucracy through legal and paralegal services. Its bilingual team branched in multiple Italian cities, the firm helps third-country nationals in fulfilling legal requirements in their native language.

  • Bersani Law Firm is composed of qualified Italian citizenship lawyers and legal experts on the Italian Citizenship application, and as such, Bersani Law Firm can assist with Italian Dual Citizenship, Italian Citizenship by Descent (also regarding the so-called ‘1948 rule Italy’), and Italian Citizenship by Marriage in addition to Investor Visa for Italy.

  • Future Direct is an immigration consultancy firm specializing in Irish employment permits and immigration procedures. Situated in Dublin, it offers advice and practical assistance to individuals seeking legal status in Ireland and corporates to facilitate the hiring and movement of skilled talent globally

  • Established in 2007, Mazzeschi SRL is a boutique firm providing Italy’s largest immigration service–assisting more than 100 Fortune 500 enterprises. The firm is characterized by a wealth of expertise in working with the world’s largest multinational corporations and immigration service providers

  • Balcells Group

    Balcells Group

    Balcells Group provides legal advice to individuals, companies, investors, immigration agencies and other intermediary agents, with over 40 years of professional experience. Their way of working is the result of the integration of several generations of lawyers that offer a balanced vision based on experience and modernity, covering a wide range of specialties in all legal fields



    CCLEX is a global association of independent investment migration lawyers and tax advisors advising international families, investors & entrepreneurs. The company’s professional focus includes Global Residence & Citizenship by Investment, Property Investment, Personal Tax Residence Status and International Tax Planning

  • Expatlaw Dutch Visas

    Expatlaw Dutch Visas

    Expatlaw Dutch Visas is the immigration solution for companies and individuals who need Dutch work and residence permits. They are the only American law firm offering a one-stop local resource for American entrepreneurs who want to set up business activities in the Netherlands under the Dutch American Friendship Treaty. They offer basic and full-service packages based on one’s individual needs and business experience

  • Gherson LLP

    Gherson LLP

    Gherson LLP is a leading immigration and nationality law firm in the UK. They also specialise in European Union and human rights law. Their lawyers bring years of experience to every matter and they represent individuals and organisations covering a broad cross section of society that includes private and public companies, investors, international business executives, students and domestic workers

  • Karl Waheed

    Karl Waheed

    Karl Waheed deals with all the legal and administrative aspects relating to the mobility of foreign personnel to France: immigration law (work and residence permit) social law and social security. Their mastery of international mobility law also allows us to deal with the files of French or foreign personnel residing in France, seconded abroad

  • Lexia Avvocati

    Lexia Avvocati

    Lexia Avvocati is a leading Italian independent law firm which is committed to provide clients with advice and expertise at the highest level. They expertise in the fields of Corporate, Finance, Tax, Public Law, Labour and Global Mobility & Corporate Immigration. They also represent both listed and non-listed Italian companies, national and multinational group of companies, banks, financial intermediaries, insurance companies, SME, start-ups and high net-worth individuals

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